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About Grace Mezzanotte

Singer, Actress, Musician, Dancer, Songwriter


I am 12 years old. 

I love God, my family, the USA, and kind hearted people of all types. 


I love my friends, my teachers, and my golden doodles “Jersey” and “Bam Bam”. 

I love Notre Dame, because I do, and well, because I have to. 

I love to express myself through music and acting, and I’m grateful to all the people helping me.

I also play the piano and guitar, but I retired from the violin after this performance

I have always enjoyed singing.  My first complete song was the “ABC’s”, apparently I sang it once

I was Luke Bryan’s #1 fan, but now I am Olivia Rodrigo’s

I have also pursued other interests, not all have gone very well:

Aspiring tennis star

Hula hoop instructor


about grace baker

And I am an “occasionally decent golfer” 

And when I’m not writing songs on the ocean, sometimes I reel in big fish or swim with pigs

about grace pig
about grace fishing

I hope that my music makes you smile, I’m just sayin’.

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